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Resin Fu Temple Dog Beasts Pair

Resin Fu Temple Dog Beasts Pair
Resin Fu Temple Dog Beasts Pair
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Product Description

This wonderful high quality red resin Temple Fu Dogs Pair will protect your home, office & property.

An exquisite Pair of Chinese Fu Dogs Sculptures! A classic and wonderful Oriental Gift and Far Eastern Treasure!

The Keiloon is a legendary creature with horns on the head of a lion, scales upon the body of a deer, and a tail consisting of little curls. Legend has it that this creature eats wicked people. Placed at the front door, mouth facing the door, the Keiloon is the sentinel that neutralizes any harmful element entering the home. It has a health-giving effect upon the house. If the Feng Shui positioning of a house is unfavorable, the Keiloon will dilute any adverse energies circulating around the house. One Fu dog represents the male, his left foot is raised and rests upon the world - protecting worldly possessions and success. The other represents the female, her right foot is raised and rests upon the belly of a baby Fu - protecting the home and family. They are always placed with their raised foot on the inside so that world and family remains safe. Highly decorative in a rich red color and high gloss lacquer finish, these Keiloon or Fu Temple Dogs are sold in pairs and will bring luck and protect any home or office. These beautiful carvings are made from a unique mixture of resin and stone powder the Fujian Province of China.

The pair of Fu Dogs weigh 3 lbs. 5"

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