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Cloisonne Health Balls

Cloisonne Health Balls
Cloisonne Health Balls
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Product Description

Chinese Health Balls! The Production of these iron balls dates back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The inside is hollow and each ball has a sounding plate inside. One emits a high tone, the other a low tone. According to the Chinese traditional medical theory of “Jingluo”, the hand contains a network of channels which circulate vital energy. Acupuncture points are distributed along these channels. Rotating the iron balls within our hand stimulates the acupuncture points- leading to better circulation (and unlocking vital energy). The Health Balls are placed in the palm and then rotated in a circular manner. In China, it is common to see a person using the Health Balls while taking a walk. Health Balls were made roughly 2000 years ago in China. They used to be used for martial arts training. Eventually, it was solely for the us of the Imperial family. Today, health balls are a treasured necessity for Chinese people. It helps to build up strength and to promote health.

What do Health Balls look like?

They come in a pair. They are usually gorgeously decorated with exotic designs and are often deemed as delightful little pieces of art. They are wear resistant, the design does not come off and they are not easily breakable. The balls are generally heavy and within each is bell mechanism that produces a lovely and therapeutic sound while exercising. They come in different sizes to match the size of one's hand - usually the size of a golf ball. The pair I have comes in a gorgeous little box that is wrapped in Chinese silk embroidery.

What are the benefits?

According to the traditional Chinese theory of "jungluo", there are various acupuncture points in the palm of one's hand. When exercising with the balls, the acupuncture points are stimulated. This promotes greater health.

stimulates blood circulation, improves memory, relaxes muscles and joints, relieving joint stiffness and soreness, relieving stress, promoting sleep!

How to use?

Hold both balls in one palm. Move, twist and stretch your fingers in sequence so that the balls rotate either clockwise or anti-clockwise. You may exercise both hands in alteration or both at a time (with two pairs) and when more experienced is gained, you may use more than one pair of balls per palm.