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Double Lucky Carp and Chinese Coin Hanger

Double Lucky Carp and Chinese Coin Hanger
Double Lucky Carp and Chinese Coin Hanger
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Product Description

The Double Carp and Chinese Coin Hanger is an excellent energizer for marriage luck. The Double carp feng shui symbol symbolizes abundant good fortune and marital bliss.

Lucky Fish also symbolizes marital happiness, harmony and reproduction because fishes multiply rapidly and sometimes swim in pairs. People placed messages in the bellies of the fish according to the legend and thus the fish has also been regarded as the symbol of communication with a distant friend or loved one. In the Buddhist religion, fish is an important symbol and it is also among the auspicious signs on the Footprints of Buddha. Fish on the Buddha footprints signifies freedom from all restraints.

The carp or koi fish is the most popular lucky fish motif found in Chinese culture and art (it is known as Koi fish to most Westerners). The word “koi” comes from Japanese meaning “carp”. The carp is a powerful symbol of perseverance and strength. The legend behind the carp recognizes the fish for its bravery and strength because it swims against the current. The whiskers and scales of the koi fish resemble that of a dragon. Many people also place a decorative piece of twin goIden carp swimming on top of gold coins in their homes. During the Chinese New Year festival “lucky money” will be given out in red envelopes (called “hung-pao”) decorated with a carp and peach as well as pine trees (which symbolizes long life). Koi fish have many different colors, the major colors includes black, white, yellow, red and cream colored.

Many paintings depicting carps (or a carp) jumping over a wave can often be seen. This is supposed to represent success, it symbolizes the ability of a man to reach a better, higher level, or according to folklore, the carp is ascending to the dragon’s gate.

A pair of carp (lucky fish) also ensures joyous unions - Display this auspicious double carp feng shui symbol anywhere in your home to enjoy abundant good fortune. For a happy marriage, display the double carp feng shui symbol in the southwest of your home or in your love corner. 11" long.