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Feng Shui Bamboo Flute

Feng Shui Bamboo Flute
Feng Shui Bamboo Flute
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Bamboo Flutes are one of the best Feng Shui cures available. Hollow tubes, branches, and bones share a long history as shamanic devices to alter natural processes. Bamboo correspond to the eastern compass point and the season of spring. Today the flutes introduce peace, stability and safety to an indoor environment. They are believed to increase a structure's energy room by room, and drive away negativity. Bamboo flutes are used in feng shui to enhance the harmony of a location, creating strength and support in any situation, delivering a message of peace and safety. Great to hang over the front door for security of the home. They come with a traditional red Chinese knot and coin attached for immediate placement to create a powerful feng shui cure.

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