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Jade Butterfly Necklace

Jade Butterfly Necklace
Jade Butterfly Necklace
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Product Description

Gorgeous Jade Butterfly Pendant on Silk Cord ~

The change from caterpillar though to the chrysalis and emergence as a butterfly is the greatest change in the animal world. It symbolizes significant change in the course of one’s life, personality or way of thinking.

The caterpillar stage with its voracious appetite has been linked to insatiable materialism. The chrysalis stage represents fundamental changes occurring on the inside, for example in one’s mentality or point of view. The final adult butterfly stage is seen as the free expression of these changes in the outside world.

This beautiful jade butterfly pendant necklace is hand carved, will bring years of enjoyment, and makes an extraordinary gift for any occasion!

Beautiful jade butterfly pendant on a green silk cord necklace. 15"